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Not tonight, tomorrow

2016-01-20 20:54:01 by FuckForehead

won't be uploading tonight cause I sampled some carnival music at the start so I'm gonna make something of my own and once I finish that I'll be able to upload


2016-01-20 16:46:14 by FuckForehead

I've been slipping for the past 2 weeks, not out of choice, I've just been preoccupied. I did literally just finish a beat before I stopped for those 2 weeks, I'kk upload tonight. It's my first complete beat and though it is a little rough, I'm happy with it, it being my first beat and all. Adding vocals in a while. It's my first time writing too so that'll be a while yet too but I'll be dropping shit inbetween. I'm trying, thank you.


P.S. I'm gonna try sampling, I've thought of plenty of ideas, I've just never sampled so the first few will probably suck but they'll have a good direction


2015-12-14 19:54:19 by FuckForehead

Also I got a Tumblr:


2015-12-14 19:49:17 by FuckForehead

I produce, I'm going to make a living out of this and be proud of myself, I want to be the best but with my take I don't think I will, but for those who I do appeal to I know it'll fuck with them heavy. Leave a fair rating on my posts, it goes a long way! if you want an honest rating on your shit too then send me a link.